I believe that apathy is a disaster
And I wish trees would grow faster
Or that I would grow
But I am a lover and though love lives forever
The lover does


From every branch of every tree the tragedy of life is
Growing, living, and falling to the ground…
Everything that comes to be
Leafs (Yeah I know it’s spelled “leaves” – it’s a metaphor
Asshole! Haha! God you’re
Dumb! Hahahaa

I believe that laughing at someone is
Admitting you’re better
And admitting you’re better
Is proof that you’re worse… So
To keep myself humble
I laugh at everyone
I suggest you do the same
And don’t worry about embarassment
Embarassment is an admittance of fault
Remember: everyone is just as bad As you
They may just choose
To hide
When you choose to climb
Knowing full well you will fall off


Gigantic branch
Of other people’s judgme
nt is mankind’s worse disease
Judgment is mankind’s worst disease
At least that’s my belief

I believe that life is mine
That life’s all I know
And though someday punishment will slow
Me down
I’ll still clown
Around and around
While I fall
The ground And


When I begin to rot Please
Show apathy toward me Please
Leaf me beneath the tree
And let it be
A tragedy

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