Oligodendrocytes burn when you antagonize
AndIGoIntoThy rage
Squeezing a leaking brown on a very well-written wage
Glue the mate
Glue the mate
You always overcompensate
Glue the mate
Glue the mate
I refuse to have a fate like glue
I refuse to have a mate like you

Withdraw from desire
Are a handy tool
Pulling out what I’m without when I act like you
My brain is on the floor
My ears are on the floor
My nose is up my ass and my mouth is running more
Than it has ever run before
A moronathon with you
I fucking hate the blastula
I always turn into

As part of the nervous system they are closely related to nerve cells and like all other glial cells, the oligodendrocytes have a supporting role towards neurons. They are intimately involved in signal propagation, providing the same functionality as the insulation on a household electrical wire (with the rather large difference that while household electrical wires are in a non-conducting medium – air – the axons run in a solution of water and ions that conduct electrical current well).

Diseases that result in injury to the oligodendroglial cells include demyelinating diseases such as multiple sclerosis and leukodystrophies. Cerebral palsy (periventricular leukomalacia) is caused by damage to developing oligodendrocytes in the brain areas around the cerebral ventricles. Spinal cord injury also causes damage to oligodendrocytes. In cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, stroke and possibly multiple sclerosis, oligodendrocytes are thought to be damaged by the excessive release of the neurotransmitter glutamate.

The blastula (from Greek βλαστός (blastos), meaning “sprout”) is an early stage of embryonic development in animals. It is also called blastosphere. It is produced by cleavage of a fertilized ovum and consists of a spherical layer of around 128 cells with a large fluid-filled space called the blastocoel in the animal pole of the embryo. The blastula follows the morula and precedes the gastrula in the developmental sequence.


I’ve been on a steady diet of tits and ass…
And I am getting fat!
I’ve inhaled more anger
Than you could shit a brick at
The house has the advantage
But it’s running out of luck
I’m a loud impassioned megaphone
That doesn’t give a fuck

A repulsive burst of bass from a
Dark, disgusting place
Could spread faster than the world expands
But it’s gunning for your face
I— lifted my leg!
I’m the one who DEALT it!
I shuffled an entire deck and
It’s nothing to mess with!

Oh, disgusting
What a freak
ing mother fucking masterpiece!
Oh, disgusting
What a freak
ing mother fucking masterPLEASE
So what I’m asking for is everything
Because that’s what we deserve
If I ruled the world
No one would know hurt

Oh, disgusting
What a freak
ing mother fucking master
Oh disgusting


If I’m lucky I’m mid-aged,
Maybe I’ll hit it big and go a bit longer?

I work double to stay the same
It’ll have to be triple if I want to get stronger

When I look ahead, I see their future
None within, none of it’s mine
I wish I had
a problem with that
But really? This is fine

I still smile back at some history
And piece by piece I pick off the edge
Everyone else can dwell in detail
While I construct a showcase for best

Then when I die
Something will stand
Glistening in my empty space…
A big ol’ metaphorical dick
That’ll stuff itself right in your face

The ? is

Now that I’m
Halfway down the path
And along the way I missed the signs
Am I half dead? Or am I only half alive?

Everything Was Better

Everything was better when you were here
I can’t seem to shake this confusion.  This fear
Cripples my mind – I have no ideas
Everything was better when you were here.

There are too many rules now
I can’t pause for break
Without wasting precious life
One mistake
Could send me back to the fucking stone age
Locked behind bars – the law is my fate
But when free, the law’s my fate anyway
I cannot control my life
It’s strange
How strangers wrote the rules
Without me
And yet I just accept the values
Of people who lived when I wasn’t born
Much less learned
Much less aware of the problems that burn
And create this confused and luminous fear

Everything was better when you were here