Reactions from a knife forced in my head:
I don’t give a shit
This slaughterhouse retracts all regrets
I don’t give a

Fight your fucking fight and I will still do what is right
There’s no light in your obsession
I am learning lessons and they’re making me much stronger
I no longer fear pain, blood, dismay
Destruction, or my birthday
I blow out the candles that you light
As you blow out mine
You built this Frankenstein but it’s a sunny day outside
No brightening, lifening lightning
Only sunlight shining down on blood and guts
It seems God called your bluff
You better start handing over the obscene
And make sure that it’s clean

Everything’s flying but I can’t tell if it’s in the air
Or if I’m underwater
It all seems the same when you’re under so much pressure
I see you standing over me with knives and I wonder
What the fuck?
Am I stuck? Why can’t I move? Am I real? Who are you?
Then you force a knife into my head
And I no longer give a shit
Thanks for cutting out the part that cares
And throwing it everywhere

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