A dog leftover from a love once lost
          A cold, dark morning in a long-lost cause
          Life is a series of mistakes   The cost of
          Feelings loom on you like confined colossuses

          Milk left on the counter
          A postcard on the fridge
          Everything goes sour
          When you mishandle it

Cream on the tip of your finger
Touched to the tip of your tongue…
Mistakes may just make
Twenty-four a
Terrible war
s wage inside your head
Colossus This  and colossus  That
Are clawing at your insides and
Trying to bust out of them

          …a postcard on the fridge
          Will not let you forget
          How quickly love can sour
          When you mishandle it…

You stand and you stare blankly
You down the milk 
And frankly
Don’t give a

Milk left on the counter
Poured over and around your tongue
Cream on the tip of your finger…
Today’s a terrible one
A postcard on the fridge
Will not let you forget
How quickly love can sour
And then you’re

Your decision
Up your mind
Colossus feelings fighting
For a moment of your time
Collapsing by the dog who’s
Lapping at your puke
Magnets fall from the fridge
And the postcard 



Then I walk in and find you
(I’m sorry, this part’s just a dream)
I look at you smiling
As your kitchen and your heart come clean
I crouch down and offer
A loving hand to lift you up
You reach  and   reach    and     stretch
And stretch
And then you wake 

Then you wake up
up Then you wake
wake up Then you
you wake up Then
Then you wake up

Staring at the postcard that landed by your head
Stained by milk mixed with blood.. pink what once was red
Just like all the roses that keep coming from him
Red when it was love 
Pink now that you’re friends