My Empire of Hurt

The music is here for
me now, you’re not
So think before you
open your mouth

No one controls the way I think
They just limit the way I act
Which is good because if they didn’t I’d
Be a lunatic
But sometimes I slip past their limits
Sometimes   I         slip outside
Sometimes my right eye bleeds over
And am left with everyone who’s died
I ask them questions but they don’t listen
I want to know the future so bad
They all scream at me in their instant
Need to confirm impacts they had
But I don’t recognize a face
A voice, a smell – anything
So I just let them tear at me
And eat
And eat
My sanity

I wake to find it was just a dream
It was
A dream
I spit up blood in the sink
And I don’t even wash it down
It feels like death is always way too busy to come around

Oh yeah I forgot, being awake sucks.