Since the year 2000
My weekends have been less fun

I have had no one
To talk to
Deep into
The night
And into
The morning

I’ve written so many poems now
That I’m not sure if I can express
Anything except the same old thing
(Love, hatemptiness…)
So I better uhh…
I better just shutup
But I don’t get the better because I don’t give a fuck
I feel like such a asshole when I write
With my left hand
Yet when I type my left hand flys…
So I don’t understand
Why I’m still u_nrolling
in this
overly digital world
I guess I’ll just forget you it and
Remember how to hurl

I Don’t Know What I Believe In Anymore

I feel like I am the center of an apricot
Wet and hard
But I’m not sweet so I’m discarded
But if I’m lucky
I’ll become a tree someday
And they will see
That though I’m not sweet, I can make sweet things
And in my heart I hope it brings
Them health and indissoluble happiness
Fruit and all of our happenstance
The slow-motion swing of a happy dance…
Spins and lifts life’s beautiful dress
And I’m on the floor
Laying down
Staring straight up into its pussy
And when I see
I don’t know what I believe in anymore

I Want It All Back

All the blood I gave…

Catastrophe ripped through my flesh [like it was no
Stitched up on a hospital bed [like it was no
I spent months letting it heal [like it was no
Lesson learned from all the blood? uhh


All the sweat I gave…

I was nervous that life would never change [so I ran]
I couldn’t stand being the same [so I ran
away from yesterday] My plan
Was to be something better than me
[good plan]


All the tears I gave…

Failure became
Failure became
Failure became normal
Normal became blood
Blood became vision and all I saw was guts
The inner-workings of my life all looked so diseased
Running around and breaking down I broke down to my knees
Crying became

Crying became

Crying became normal
I felt like such a pussy
How could they
Be this way?
Why did they leave me?
I can’t fucking stand this
I want to just end this
I want to fucking blow my head off
And just end this


All the blood I gave…
I want all my blood
All the sweat I gave…
I want all my sweat
All the tears I gave…
I want all my tears

I want it all back
I want to extract my memories onto a dumbdrive
Hook the dumbdrive up to a computer
And print a big stack
Of my embarassmentz
Delete it
Then I want to burn it all
And forget it
So I can feel what it’s like to believe again
So I can feel what it’s like to be clean again

I Miss You All The Time

I miss you all the time man
I miss you
All the time
When will time tick back and tock me with your perfect smile?
If I retrace my steps and I re-live all the days
That have passed since you left will I ever find your face?
Can you please achieve your dreams and come back to me
With stories?
I’m lonely…
And I’m fighting death with bottles and the glory
I felt yesterday

I… sigh


I miss you all the time man
Miss you all the time

I Almost Fucking Choked To Death

I was simply taking a sip of coffee
When I started thinking about what we used to do

How funny it was…

And when I laughed
I choked so hard that I got a sick pain in my gut
Like it was filling up with blood
Like my insides shifted gears
And my heart was pumping tears

Pain scratching up my throat…

Laughter drowning in my heart…
Tears enveloping my eyes…
And it was then
When I began to understand
Life has a way of personifying our deepest feelings
When we’re not paying attention


With pain enveloping my eyes, tears scratching up my heart,
And a nervous laugh drowning in my throat…

I just wanted to tell you
I almost fucking choked to death
Over all the time that we spent happy
Over all the years that we spent laughing
Over all the things that sl i pp e d



I almost fucking choked to death
Over all the love I have for you

Pain enveloping my heart…
Laughter scratching up my throat so as to avoid drowning my eyes in tears…

I almost fucking choked to death
When I thought about what we used to do

They would’ve said that
Coffee killed me…

But we’d both know the truth